12 Happening Haircuts for Cool and Stylish Women

The shape of your hair can change your style from top to bottom. Moreover, a woman who goes out with her hair that has exactly the look she dreams of during the day will feel much better thanks to the self-confidence she has. This is exactly why we care about offering you many alternatives in this regard. Each of the alternatives we offer was selected based on 2021 trends. You are in the right place to check out stunning and happening haircuts alternatives. We have put together a large number of photos for you and guaranteed elegance!

medium-wavy hairstyle
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Capture a Feminine Style with Wavy Medium Length Hair

Wavy hairstyles that you can get quite easily can make your hair look a little shorter. But it’s still worth it because these provide a much more feminine style. You can use this type of hair, especially in everyday life when you want your hair to offer you comfort. In addition, you will have a stylish and suitable style for shopping or a meeting.

medium blonde wavy hairstyle
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Medium-sized wavy hair can be extremely stylish, especially when ombre is applied to the ends of it. If you are going to choose such a style, we can say that in 2021, especially blonde ombre is more popular than others (caramel or brown).

medium blonde hairstyle women
medium hair blonde ombre hairstyle
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Maximum Comfort in Straight Medium Pixie Haircut Models

Have you noticed that straight hair has been used frequently, especially informal and stylish meetings lately? Also, we can say that women with short hair prefer straightening their hair to create a longer look. You know, this really works! Let’s see happening haircuts in a medium size!

  1. Bob haircut models: Separate your hair asymmetrically and cut it so it can wrap your face just like a frame. For this, the fronts should be longer, the back of your hair should be a little shorter. In this way, you will get a real frame look. A really great option! – And hey, it is popular!
  2. Sided Bangs: Use sided bangs on your hair to get a feminine look on medium-length hair. Especially women with wider forehead areas often prefer this model. Because in this hairstyle, the forehead area looks more elegant and small. But this hairstyle might be a little uncomfortable to use in summer. Because the weather is really hot in summer, right ladies?
  3. Textured Hair: Do you want the texture of your hair to be more messy and stylish? Imagine a haircut that is completely straight. Especially if you have light-colored hair like in the photos below, the straight appearance of your hair will attract more attention. Style your hair so it is completely straight or curl it slightly inward from the lower part. This will allow your hair to appear voluminous and textured.
blonde hairstyle
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bob haircut model
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Asymmetrical haircut
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medium black hairstyle
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straight cut blonde hair
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Younger and Cool Happening Haircuts Models with Ombre

Are you one of those women who like to prefer gray colors in their hair? It is possible to say that we often see gray color and other pastel tones among the options of happening haircut models lately. While the ombre process ensures that the ends of your hair are light-colored, it preserves the dark color at the bottom.

So, does that only apply to the color gray? Of course no!

  1. Platinum blonde: This color, which is preferred especially by middle-aged women, is frequently used in ombre models.
  2. Pink: Never miss out on crazy colors. When a slightly wavy hairstyle, medium-sized hair length, and chic look of pink color come together, you’ll really love it!
medium blonde ombre hairstyle
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blonde medium haircut
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Asymmetrically Sided Hairs with Messy Look – Happening Haircuts

Medium-sized hairstyles are generally sufficient to create a more formal look due to their structure. But if you prefer to divide your hair asymmetrically while shaping it, you can be sure that you will create a much more rebellious aura, ladies! We have put together a few of the happening haircuts options for you. Let’s examine them together!

  1. Play with color: Medium hair is particularly well suited for dye care. Do not hesitate to try some color for these styles, which you can make even more well-groomed with ombre or highlights. For example, the blue color is used in one of the asymmetrically sided hairstyles listed below. Did you pay attention?
  2. Messy look: Try to get a messy look even after your hair has been styled with a special hair curler. Rest assured, that’s exactly what 2021 fashion says, folks!
blonde fresh cut
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