12 Pixie hairstyle fashion for women in 2020 Trends

Best Pixie Hairstyle 2020

Not everyone dares to have short hair. But we all love it for being useful and easy to shape! pixie hairstyle is one of the most popular and popular hairstyles recently. The feature of this model, which provides a dynamic, lively, and youthful appearance, is that the tops are long, the top of the ear, and the front is shorter.

We looked at the most beautiful pixie hairstyle for 2020. We will follow these trends next year.

pixie cut hairstyle

Chin-long bob

The chin-length bob ends between the chin and shoulder. If you want to wear the Trend cut, get advice from your hairdresser. Our favorite street style star Sarah Ellen is already wearing the on-trend cut.

wavy blonde hair

Short Hairstyles with Waves

We can already see short pixie cuts with light natural waves on known influencers and models. For appearance, the hair is air-dried after washing and kneaded in the morning with a little foam builder and blow-dried.

wavy short hairstyle

Short Hairstyles under 3 cm

Her hair is covered! This trend is great for those who are very brave. All super short haircuts for women will be announced next year.

buzz hairstyle

Trend Hair Colors for Pixie Hairstyle

Change in color, platinum yellow, or artificial colors this year. Instead, gentle shades of blonde, soft brown tones, and soft highlights take over the trend list. Even better: get back to your natural hair color.

straight blonde hairstyle
short wavy blonde hairstyle
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pixie cut short hairstyle
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curly pixie hairstyle
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red wavy hairstyle
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short straight hairstyle
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blonde wavy hairstyle
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