21 Hair Color Suggestions for Blonde of Shades

There is much light and closed shades of blonde hair color. For these reasons, isn’t it the right time to apply the very common blonde tones to your hair? We have conducted comprehensive research on this subject to get an idea in your mind and to switch to blond hair color. As a result of this research, we have talked about a few shades of blonde color below. Now let’s examine these shades if you wish. Yellow hair color tones are divided into two main groups: Warm Blonde Hair Color Tones; Warm blonde hair colors are also divided into three as Golden Blonde, Honey Color, and Bronze Blonde color tones: Cool Blonde Hair Color Tones; Cool blonde hair colors are also divided into four as ashy, Frosted, Neutral and pearl hair color tones.

1. Golden Yellow

curly blonde hairstyle
blonde choppy hairstyle

First of all, we can recommend the golden hair color, which is one of the hot hair colors. If you have a light or pale blonde hair color, you can restore your hair with golden blonde hair color. This hair color will be in harmony with the medium skin color and will show your hair more vivid and bright. If you prefer this hair color that suits dark eye color, you may prefer your hair follicles a little dark.

blonde elegant hairstyle
long wavy blonde hairstyle
medium lenght wavy blonde hairstyle

2. Ombre with Pastel Colors on Blonde of Shades Hair Color

elongated stylish hairstyle
colorly blonde hairstyle
pink purple blonde short hairstyle
long light pink wavy hairstyle

Secondly, you can get a cool stylish look by combining your blond hair with pastel colors with the ombre method. Although pink tones are especially popular, mint green and lavender colors are also preferred by some women. This style will make you look younger and cheerful.

blonde colorful hairstyle
long colorly thick hairstyle
curly colorful hairstyle
colorful braid bun hairstyle
blonde pink bun hairstyle

3. Caramel Hair Color

One of the most preferred warm hair colors and blond tones is caramel hair color. This hair color fits well with any skin color, as well as eye colors with light or closed tones. Especially those with auburn hair color should prefer this hair color

medium lenght brown wavy hairstyle
long wavy hairstyle
long ombre hairstyle
long wavy hairstyle

4. Ashy Silver Blonde of Shades Hair Color

platinum wavy hairstyle

Fourthly, this hair color, which is in the cool blond hair color group, is among the ideal options with a silver-blonde tone. If your hair is white or platinum yellow, this hair color will make your hair look more elegant and shiny. This model, which suits the wavy hair structure, is more compatible with light skin. As in our example above, you can often mention this hair color.

long straight braid hairstyle
long blonde hairstyle

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