Marginal Hairstyles like artwork from Turkish stylist

Learn the story of Izzet Tabak, the stylist who turned your hair into a work of art thanks to his famous marginal hairstyles coloring and cutting technique.

red blue straight short hairstyle
plaid colored hairstyle brush

It is the cut that blends hair designs in harmony with skin tones and facial anatomy.

A flawless outfit is a complement to a whole. From the ideal designs in clothes to the cut and hair color, it combined the appeal of subtle yet basic seduction for everyday life.

From surprising designs that point out before and after the person to the marginal hairstyles and cutting technique. That produces gradients with color and 3D vision, reflecting the customer’s personality. Izzet Tabak say: “It is the cut that blends hair designs in harmony with skin tones and facial anatomy.”

plaid colored hair brush
plaid colored hair

Marginal Hairstyles are like her work.

Izzet Tabak is the pioneer of this concept as its unique designs and styles are part of a futuristic concept. Spheroid designs, colors are some of the styles that characterize Izzet and set trends on catwalks.

patterned colored hair
striped colorly hair
buzz colorly hair

Who is Izzet Tabak?

Izzet Tabak was born in Istanbul in 1984. Izzet admired the beauty of the style from a young age and decided to become an art administrator through hair. After finishing her career as a stylist.

Tabak worked with internationally renowned hair design experts. But, having developed his own innovative style, he is now among the best in his profession.

izzet tabak istanbul
colorful wavy hairstyle
izzet tabak sworking
pink yellow striped hair
chameleon skin hairstyle
colorful rectangle hairstyle
pink zigzag hairstyle
orange-green color hair
marginal colorful hairstyle
zigzag color hairstyle
sunset color hairstyle
colorful marginal hair
zigzag colorful hair
parrot color hair
messy curly red hairstyle
purple and blue braid hairstyle
fish figure hairstyles
izzet tabak working
colorly short hairstyles
pink messy hairstyles
zigzag straight yellow hairstyle
colorful buzz hairstyles
colorful buzz hairstyles

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