24 Amazing Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

Blue and purple hair have their own uniqueness and courage. Blue hair color has become more popular now, especially thanks to famous women such as Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner. These days blue hair dye can also be incorporated into modern hair dyeing techniques such as yellow lightening shadows, somber, and balayage. Also, if you think blue hair will suit your skin tone well, then it’s time to make a change.

How to dye your hair purple and blue?

Blue and purple hair ideas can be very attractive. However, care and washing is an important issue for blue-purple hair. Blue shampoo contains blue pigments as the name suggests. That’s why it’s ideal to mix blue and purple hair dye. These blue pigments prevent unwanted warm reflections in the hair color after highlighting, balayage, and ombre on dark hair colors. It ensures the neutralization of the warm color, making the hair more ashy and cold reflections.

How to go from blue to pink and purple hair?

You can entrust your hairdresser you trust for colored hair. Because blue-purple hair requires professionalism. Get information from the hairdresser about mix pink purple and blue hair dye.

Pastel Blues

Pastel Blues
INSTAGRAM | prfct_hair

Blue and purple hair should be chosen according to skin color. Those with very dark skin may want to brighten their skin with a dramatic baby blue or channel it with a royal blue like anime characters. However, a dark blue hair dye can be impressive against their skin.

Dark Blue and Purple

blue-purple hair
INSTAGRAM | robindeltoro

If your skin is medium-toned, blue-purple hair looks great on you. While both pastel blues and dark blues look amazing, medium blues-only work well saturated.

Both Green, Purple, and Blue

Blue green and purple hair
INSTAGRAM | spectraltones

Blue-green and purple hair can also be a very good choice. For those who have warm skin with golden or yellow undertones, with veins that look a little greenish in the skin, blue hair dye, which will become quite smooth while the true royal blue flows, can be preferred in both green and purple

50 Tons

colorful shades of blue hair
INSTAGRAM | adlydesign

We can call this blue and purple hair color 50 shades of blue! Especially those who love blue and its shades will love this look!

Unusual colored hair with a bun

Different blue hair styles
INSTAGRAM | mermaidians

You can try different styles for blue and purple hair ideas. The combination of different colors looks better if you make a bun.

Ombre hair dyed blue

Ombre hair dyed blue
INSTAGRAM | catecutdye

Does Ombre only happen in classic colors? Of course no. As you can see, you can also try ombre.

Braided Purplish Blue Hair

Braided Purplish Blue Hair
INSTAGRAM | rachellaroux

Different colors should be preferred in knitting models. Of course for those who want to look cool! Blue and purple hair are indispensable colors for braiding! It’s even better when they’re together!

Amazing blue dyed wavy hair

Amazing blue dyed wavy hair
INSTAGRAM | honeyhousehair

How about adding some purple to deep blue hair? This is how it will look great, especially if you make your hair wavy!

A deep to end blue ombre hair

A deep to end blue ombre hair
INSTAGRAM | pogoda_art

For blue-purple hair, the ombre from the bottom to the ends will be really cool. If you are tired of the classic colors ombre, you should definitely try this.

High half bun and wavy blue hair

High half bun and wavy blue hair
INSTAGRAM | georgeeblancoo

Choosing a high half bun and wavy blue-purple hair will create a different style. Especially if you add different colors!

A deep blue hair with purple and pink ends

A deep blue hair with purple and pink ends
INSTAGRAM | mermaidauthority

Do you want not only blue but also pastel and light color? Then the right color is pink! If you want, you can dye the bottoms blue at the ends and make a combination of blue and pink hair!

Pastel and Pixie Pattern

Pastel and Pixie Pattern hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | doug_theo

Blue-purple hair is a really good choice for long hair. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice for a pixie. Pastel blue and pink looks great on a pixie model, especially if you have fair skin!

Hard Rock Blue Hair

Hard Rock Blue Hair
INSTAGRAM | hair.marphinum

Midnight blue bottoms and purple hair towards the ends! If you want a metal and rocker style, you can style your hair with this model!

Blue to Purple Natural Transition

Blue to Purple Natural Transition
INSTAGRAM | katelsmac

If you want a natural hair transition from blue to purple, you can choose these shades. Especially if you have long hair, you can make it wavy and make the color transitions more visible.

Asymmetrical Blue

Asymmetrical Blue Hair
INSTAGRAM | verityclarkehair

Is asymmetrical blue hair so fashionable after Katy Perry’s blue hair? After Emma of “Blue Is The Warmest Color”; unknown, but it looks like it will be quite popular for a while.

Colorful Corn Braid

Blue Purple Corn Braid
INSTAGRAM | sagantiniya

Have you heard of the Egyptian braid? If you haven’t heard, you have heard! Paint the top of your hair black and blue. Below is purple! It will look great.

Hawaii Blue

Hawaii Blue Hair
INSTAGRAM | tashajune_studio

How would you like to have your hair cut short and shave the sides of your hair? The cool combination of blue and black takes courage! If you have this courage, come on to the hairdresser!

Transition from Pink to Blue

Transition from Pink to Blue Hair
INSTAGRAM | raznoglazaya_hair

Pink colors to the ends, deep blue hair to the ends! Pink and blue, one of the most beautiful color transitions that will suit your straight hair!

Blue Purple Bob Hairstyle

Blue Purple Bob Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | cutsncolorsbysky

Bob looks beautiful with any hair color. But isn’t it much prettier in these hair colors? You can get this look by dying your hair intermittently in pink, purple, and blue and cut in a bob hairstyle.

Dark and Intermittent Colors

Dark and Intermittent Colors Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | fedorinaanna

Unlike the above colors, you can choose pastel but dark hair in a bob style. If you are looking for both dark and distinctive hair color, here is the model, here is the color!

Blue or Purple?

Long wavy blue purple hairstyle

In our opinion, both purple and blue! Couldn’t you decide whether to paint it blue or purple! Then you can make your full hair wavy and both blue and purple.

Artificial Crossing

Purple to blue ombre hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | mphairstyle

Perhaps you want an artificial rather than natural transition from blue to purple or purple to blue. In our opinion, a sharp line from purple to blue will look beautiful if you have long and full hair!

One Blue One Purple Then Blue Again

One Blue One Purple Then Blue Again
INSTAGRAM | oliveandbloomsalon

Officially rows of blue and purple hair. A truly unconventional blue-purple combination. Do you understand once again why these colors are preferred for wavy hair? Take a look at this image. Great!

Colorful Waves With Bangs

Colorful Waves With Bangs
INSTAGRAM | samiskinnerhair

Is there any change without a bang? What if your hair has bangs with blue-purple hair ideas? And with a different colored bang? It would be awesome!

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