Cut hair! 21 Most beautiful Short Hairstyles

Thinking of dropping your long hair and making cute short hairstyles? Let’s convince you about the best hairstyles for short hair in our gallery! From the Pixie cut to the short bob, the latest trending looks, and, of course, other great style ideas can be found at a glance!

pixie cut messy hair

Whether it’s a bottom cut, a pixie cut, or a soft, feminine short haircut – short hairstyles are really fun! It exposes the face beautifully and they can easily keep up with every long haircut. And best of all, short hair is perfect for fine hair! All-female features are highlighted by a cool short haircut for women: filigree facial features, striking cheekbones, large eyes. The fact that anyone claiming short hair is for the opposite sex is here now and it has not reached anyway. Hollywood ladies – Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, or Sun Vega-have long explored the impact of chic jealousies and presented their elegant short hairstyles on red carpets. We’ve chosen the most beautiful short haircuts from the stars, the most stylish short hairstyles from the catwalks of this world, and everyday life for you.

wavy blonde hair

Buzz-cut trending hairstyle

Short hairstyles provide style and freshness. The buzz cut, for example, is very fashionable, doesn’t need an elaborate style, but it’s better suited for the gritty girls in between. Because you don’t have more than nine millimeters of hair. Cara Delevingne loves looks, Kate Hudson dares to do open cuts and Ruth Bell Works works gracefully and exquisitely on international runways. A bit mysterious and edgy, but also noble and very adult – the buzz cut is the shortest variety of hairstyles, but like no other cut it accentuates our feminine facial features.

pixie cut white hair

Bob cut Hairstyles

If you want to approach a short hairstyle slowly, you can start with a simple bob. Short Bob, for example, is still very feminine and people who aren’t sure they’ll have a short hairstyle yet decide. A bob is suitable for wavy, curly, and straight hair structures and is, therefore, the ideal entry-level short hairstyle. The hair stretches all the way to the shoulder, plays in a particularly feminine way around the face, and also takes volume. Also, a short bob haircut leaves numerous style options open. Whether it’s a straightener, you can easily pull it off for a sleek look, a cool undercut, or light waves: you decide how you’d rather wear your short bob. By the way: for all the girls among us who love Practical hairstyles, bob might be the ideal short hairstyle, because, with this variant, hair can still be tied into a braid.

pixie cut gray hair

Do I like short hair?

“With the 2.25-inch rule.”This works like this: you place a pen horizontally under your chin. Now, starting with the earlobe, you place a ruler at right angles to the pen. If the distance between the earlobe and the pen is less than 5.7 centimeters, you might assume it’s a shortcut and dare to change its type. Your hairstyle should stay longer than 5.7 centimeters. You have to find out for yourself if the short ones are right for you.

How do I find the right short hairstyles for my face shape?

Short hairstyles are like all other haircuts: a trendy cut is not enough. Everything should highlight your face shape and personality, if possible. Here you can find out which hairstyle suits your face shape.

Round face

If your face is quite round, you don’t have to do it without your hairstyle is perfect. However, wear a curly style and make sure the hair isn’t too short. A long bob with a light beach, the waves will be the shortest hairstyle for you.

wavy short hair

Triangle face

Is your chin rather narrow and your forehead wider? Here, we recommend short hairstyles where the volume is placed on the head. You should avoid extremely short haircuts.

short blonde hair

Short hairstyles: advantages and tips

Those who bid farewell to her long vest will be rewarded with the myriad advantages of a short hairstyle. On the one hand, you need less time in the morning bath, because hair can be dried faster with a blow dryer and styled more quickly overall. In addition, short hair is very practical, especially in summer, and is less prone to split ends.

But what should you look out for with a short hairstyle? We’ll give you three useful tips on how to make the most of your appearance!

  1. Short hair, like long hair, needs proper care. In particular, tips should be the focus of your care routine as they can be quickly established. This is why a nourishing moisturizing shampoo is needed to prevent your scalp from drying out.
  2. Although short hair is not quickly knotted or broken, a once-a-week nutritious treatment is recommended. This scalp can also be massaged. Effect: your short hair looks less messy and feels velvety soft. Short hair, like long hair, needs proper care. In particular, tips should be the focus of your care routine as they can be quickly established. This is why a nourishing moisturizing shampoo is needed to prevent your scalp from drying out.
  3. When styling short hairstyles, you shouldn’t use traditional hairspray and use a saltwater spray instead! The texture gives your short hair much more structure and therefore more volume!
To look at other short hairstyles you can review the rest of our article.
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