35 Hair Color Suggestions Based on Your Skin Color

Really, how to choose the right hair color? Come take a look at the tips we have prepared for you and find the hair color that best suits your face and skin.

While there are endless color options, you should have a hard time finding the hair color that suits you. Although we think that there is an infinite color scale, experts have summed up the situation differently. Warm colors and cool colors. Then there are light tones and dark tones. The tones that contain heat and cold at the same time and that contain reflection are called neutral tones.

long wavy layered hairstyle
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If you consult a specialist for your correct hair color, he will give you an answer, taking into account your skin, eye and vein color. Some colors below natural hair colors are orange and red. Even though cold and ashy colors have become very fashionable, it is important to use blue and purple shampoos for coloring. In this way, the reds, oranges and reflections you try to cover in your hair become neutral. Post-coloring care for your hair is very important for the permanence of the color you choose.

long blonde waist lenght hairstyle
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medium lenght blonde hairstyle
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platinum blonde hairstyle
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short blonde elongated hairstyle
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long elegant chic wavy hairstyle
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long ponytail hairstyle
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medium lenght wavy blonde hairstyle
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modern v-shape brown hairstyle
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chin-lenght thick hairstyle
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Now let’s look at the selection of hair dye suitable for skin tone. How to choose?

After the skin tone, it is necessary to look at the eye color. Here the colors are divided as follows; blue, gray, or dark brown show cold, moire hazel, green, light brown warm colors. The next step is a vein analysis. Of course, everyone’s veins are blue, but how they look from the outside according to their skin color is another method that will help us choose the hair color. If your veins look blue or purple, you can tell that you have a cool skin tone, if green and other tones are visible, you have a warm skin tone.

long tresses hairstyle
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First of all, you should know yourself well and determine your expectations from your image. Getting a good skin analysis means knowing how you tan. Here, the harmony of warm and cool colors is discovered. For example, if you have a skin that immediately turns red, this means that you have a warm skin tone, and if you have a skin that immediately gets tan, this means that you have a cold skin tone.

elongated stylish hairstyle
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If you want to use it with a color that will warm you in the winter months, let’s say the fashion right now; chocolate browns, copper and its shades, caramel reflections. If you say that I want cold tones; You can prefer beiges, reds with red and purple reflections, and ashy brunettes that have not aged for years.

chin-lenght updo hairstyle
wavy brown hairstyle
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long copper wavy hairstyle
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medium lenght red wavy hairstyle
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chin-lenght wavy red hairstyle
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choppy gorgeous red hairstyle
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medium lenght red straight hairstyle
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curly red hairstyle
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long thick wavy red hairstyle
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stylish modern haircut
updo straight red hairstyle
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curly messy hairstyle
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fire layered bob hairstyle
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cute light brown hairstyle
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red straight hairstyle
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orange wavy hairstyle
red bridal hairstyle
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red bun hairstyles
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red hair
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orange color bun hairstyle
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long choppy red hairstyle
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elegant red wavy hairstyle
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choppy tresses elongated hairstyle
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