30 Trends Models for Your Long and Short Hair Preference

“Long hair is difficult to maintain, short hair is easy to maintain. I love long hair but I can’t use it, I might regret it if I get a haircut”. We eliminate this contradiction between short hair and long hair in our blog post.

When deciding on your hairstyle, do you prefer to keep up with fashion, or do you prefer a model that you think suits you best? Or do you think your comfort with a haircut? When you take a nap, you regret it, when you stretch it, it becomes difficult to maintain. Why doesn’t it grow straight away when cut? We know it is very difficult to decide. When deciding on your hair length, you feel depressed, if you say “short is good but long hair also has aired”, here you will find our suggestions that will save you from these contradictions and reach the right hairstyle in this article.

You know that there is a huge difference between getting a haircut and growing it. Those who grow their hair say that they will never get a cut and those who get their hair cut short say that growing hair is a pain. So is short hair or long hair more useful for you? Let’s decide this together.

Why short hair?

If you have a triangular face that is oval or tapered towards your chin, short hair might look good on you. You can have cool hair with simple touches you will apply to your hair, a few hair care tips. Remember that hair care is not about whether the hair is long or short.

Care tips for short hair

  • Do not use excessively hair styling products such as gel or hair spray to prevent your hair from being damaged.
  • Choose natural dyes as hair dye.

To keep your hair looking voluminous and healthy, use hair care products that repair the ends and add volume to the hair.

medium blonde hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
Short Blonde Hairstyle
credit vikachekahair
short straight hair
credit alexanderscotthair
chin-lenght thick hairstyle
credit oktaytorlak
Short Pixie Blonde Hairstyle
credit juliana.key
medium lenght brown hairstyle
credit kaizenturkiye
jaw lenght layered bob hairstyle
credit oktaytorlak
short blonde straight hair
credit kaizenturkiye
short bangs hairstyle
credit kaizenturkiye
short hairstyle
credit kaizenturkiye
Short blonde hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
chin-lenght light brown hairstyle
credit vv_loves_hair
gray purple short hairstyle
credit cutcolor_gurkanduman
short pixie hairstyle
credit sergeyshapochka
Short Blonde Hairstyle
credit kater_im
short choppy hairstyle
credit aheadhairmedia

Why long hair?

If you care for your hair and like to apply different hairstyles, you do not see them in your busy schedule. Long hair can look good on you if you have a round face type.

Care tips for long hair

  • Take care to rinse the scalp thoroughly. Shampoo and cream residues cause your hair to become oily more quickly.
  • Use a conditioner with every wash to make it easier to comb your hair.
  • If it is difficult to comb your hair after showering, comb your hair in the shower with conditioner.
  • Make a hair mask once or twice a week.
  • Use liquid hair care spray to prevent breakage and breakage while combing your hair.
  • Dry your scalp thoroughly. You can leave the ends of your hair slightly moist.
  • You can straighten your long hair or curl it with a curling iron.
v-shape straight hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
long braid hairstyle
credit ojoaquim
long straight braid hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
long wavy braid red hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
long ponytail braid hairstyle
credit stephhstyles
cute blonde hairstyle
long hairstyle
credit cutcolor_gurkanduman
long straight black hairstyle
credit natalieannehair
blonde wavy hairstyle
credit ressamhairstudio
long wavy blonde hairstyle
brown wavy hairstyle
credit anna_forma_hair
wavy hairstyle
credit ressamhairstudio
long hairstyle
long brown blonde hair
credit ahmetcobain

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