Best Pixie Haircut Styles for Long and Short Hair – 2021 Trends

Hairstyles with stylish and impressive looks can mean an extremely cool style. Want to explore them and apply one of those? Then you are definitely in the right place! Today, we will take a look at the most preferred pixie haircut options of recent times and examine the short hair cut models in great detail. We are sure that you will love the different looks that can be used for different face types, styles, and outfits. If you wish, let’s start examining one by one! Here are the best pixie haircut models!

Curly Long Hairstyle – Enjoy the Naturalness! – Best Pixie Haircut

Curly messy haircut options are really preferred recently. Because such models often create an exquisite and extremely cool look. Models that you can frequently use with your sporty combinations are generally trendy in daily life.

You can color these types of hairstyles as follows:

  1. With a different ombre technique, ensure that your hair’s roots are dark in color and the ends are light.
  2. Get a more rebellious and combative look by dividing your hair into two asymmetrically. This one will really go well with a leather jacket and jeans.
  3. Finally, if you wish, make a ponytail with your hair and get a more elegant, feminine look.
Long Curly Blonde Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | martafeschuk
Long Curly Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | azsuellen
Curly Long Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | daalgard

Favorite Look for Business with Medium Straight Hairstyles

We have a good suggestion, especially for those who need to go to work every morning and do hairstyles for oval faces. Among the most popular pixie haircut style models, the hair usually has a straight appearance. Your hair, which reaches up to your shoulders, maintains its own form without the need for extra care or styling.

Let’s take a look at what areas this hairstyle could be perfect for:

  1. For example, this hairstyle is ideal for getting ready quickly and going to a meeting.
  2. If you need to be prepared quickly as soon as you wake up every day, your hair must have a structure that can be easily shaped and adapted to any environment. You will have achieved this when you straighten your hair and cut them in medium length.

If you wish, you can make these hairstyles even more colorful and fun with side bangs. Sided bangs, which are often seen among the feminine hairstyles of 2021, can be extremely stylish with straight hair. We have left an example for you below!

Medium Straight Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | collectivemoscow
Straight Medium Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | willian_arroyo
Blonde Medium Straight Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | colorbyemily

Medium Wavy Hairstyles – Ombre

Wouldn’t you like to see the return of elegance and shine in your hair? Choose ombre instead of a single color hair surface to get the shine. Ombre allows you to make the ends of your hair closer to the blonde color while making the upper parts darker.

Especially in long or medium-length hairstyles, an ombre look is often used. Also, the ombre model is often combined with wavy hair to create a feminine elegance. Here are a few different models we have collected for you!

INSTAGRAM | thalysonsalvino
Medium Ombre Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | colorbyemily
Ombre Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | willian_arroyo

Combine Masculine Style with Avant-garde Colors: Razor Cut Style, Short Pixie Hair, Short Hair with Undercut, and Much More

Do you want your hair to look even more stylish and impressive? It is also possible to achieve this with a masculine style. These models, which are the most preferred recently, have become the favorite of those who want to use avant-garde colors (for example, unusual colors -for hair- such as gray and purple) in their hair.

You can use extremely short hair for masculine styling. Our latest haircuts for women research says that especially short hair makes models that look younger and cooler. We have listed several different models in detail below for you. Check them out!

You can use this hairstyle as follows:

  1. If you wish, cut a certain area longer in the front of your head only. Then comb this long section back and support it with hairspray. In this way, you will get maximum elegance and a cool appearance by creating a masculine look. It is possible to discover more!
  2. If you wish, make sure that your hair is divided into two asymmetrically. You can create the side bangs look this way and make it possible for your very short hair to create a feminine style.
Short Pixie Haircuts
INSTAGRAM | oktaytorlak
Razor cut hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | collectivemoscow
masculine hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | tatiana_lavsky
Short pixie hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | maryana_gerasimova

Recreate Hairstyles with Vivid Colors!

How would you like to apply the colors that have made it possible to look much younger recently on your hair? Pink, blue, and much more can make you look avant-garde, model, and a little crazy. Now is the time to easily reflect your free spirit on your hair. Moreover, if you do not feel comfortable enough about the color choice, all you have to do is choose temporary hair dye and do a little experiment first! Get ready, ladies; these are some of the best pixie haircut models.

pink color hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | bel_pipsqueekinsaigon
pink ombre hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | hotoffthechair
blue short hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | ilyascheee
pink pixie hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | privesalon_orlando

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