31 Red Balayage and Other Balayage Hairstyles

When it comes to red balayage, the flowing water stops for us women. Balayage, which is one of our favorite hair coloring techniques, looks great in any color. Unlike well-known colors (like yellow and auburn); today we will examine a different balayage color. Even though the red balayage does not come across much, it blew our minds with its flawless appearance! We can’t wait to try this color that suits every season!

How to Balayage Red Hair?

As soon as we looked at the red balayage options, we can say that we were enchanted. Red hair balayage ombre can also be an option. Red tufts shimmering between the hair create a very vibrant and energetic look. The red balayage process, where you can make red balayage on brown hair, will instantly add a completely different look to you. If you wish, you can concentrate your balayage on the ends of your hair or you can have red balayage from bottom to top!

How Long Does Red Balayage Last?

You got your hair red balayage, you can’t take your eyes off your hair. To make this eye-catching color look long-lasting, you should take care of your hair care. For your balmy hair, you should definitely use shampoos and conditioners produced for dyed hair in every wash.

1. Brown Red Balayage Fashion

Brown Red Balayage Fashion
INSTAGRAM | georgeeblancoo

Red balayage on brown hair is among the most natural red balayage hairstyles. Brown hair color, which suits brunette women very well, is animated with red balayage in between in this model. We recommend that middle-aged women prefer this hair color.

2. Balayage Red Hair Blonde Fashion

Balayage Red Hair Blonde Fashion
INSTAGRAM | maayanbirnstein

Balayage red hair blonde is one of the most liked and used balayage models, especially by young girls. In this hairstyle, which attracts attention with its street fashion and marginality, red is applied to the ends of the hair dyed in yellow tones. It has a wide range of usage from daily use to invitations.

3. Burgundy Red Balayage Fashion

Burgundy Red Balayage Fashion
INSTAGRAM | demi.miller.montoya

Another versatile hair balayage model is burgundy red hair. Since the color transitions are softer, this balayage model actually offers the most unremarkable example of red. We think it will be especially good for women with light brown hair.

4. Red-Black Ombre Fashion

Red-Black Ombre Fashion
INSTAGRAM | taylorrae_hair

The latest examples of balayage fashion are undoubtedly the ombre trend. One of the very popular ombre is red black models. Dark red ombre on black hair color like in the will add charm to your charm.

5. Black-Red Ombre Fashion

Black-Red Ombre Fashion
INSTAGRAM | art_style_hair

Also you can choose black ombre on dark red hair. This method is so much popular among the women.

6. Harmony of Red-Black

Harmony of Red-Black
INSTAGRAM | victoriamontielpeluqueros

If you don’t want ombre, you can get a red-black look in this way. It looks really stylish. Am I wrong? Your hair will be both red and black!

7. Rose Blonde Red Balayage Hairstyles

Rose Blonde Red Balayage Hairstyles
INSTAGRAM | hairbykatierose

Recently, a color called rose balayage red hair blonde entered the hair design world due to the frequent use of celebrities. This color is obtained by making light yellow and red tones balayage. We can recommend this model to those who want to capture a marginal and sweet young girl atmosphere.

8. Golden Red Balayage Hairstyles

Golden Red Balayage Hairstyles
INSTAGRAM | tina_doeshair

The balayage color that best suits red hair color is golden yellow. Golden red balayage is one of the most suitable hair colors we recommend to women who want to have both modern and shiny hair structure. First of all, after the hair is dyed dark red, it gives both movements and shines to the hair with dark golden balayage red hair blonde.

9. Layered Short Balayage Waves

Layered Short Balayage Waves

This balayage gives an extraordinary look to the hair color. You can get a perfect look with your denim shorts and sandals that you can combine with your trendy short length fluffy balayage hair to make your hair showy in the spring and summer winds.

10. Shoulder Length Balayage Wavy Hair

Shoulder Length Balayage Wavy Hair
INSTAGRAM | vlasova_elena_guru

If you have shoulder-length wavy hair and want to have a colorful look with balayage, choose styles that start with a light dark brown color and have yellow highlights at the ends of the hair. In this way, you can also try hair trends that reflect the ombre effect on the hair. You can get a striking look under the summer sun with this model, which is ideal for daily hair use and provides ease of use.

11. Bob Hairstyle with Wavy Balayage Shades

Bob Hairstyle with Wavy Balayage Shades
INSTAGRAM | ausani_parrucchieri_casilina

Did you know that the perfect hair trend for any season is short red balayage colored hair? You can bring out the emphasis of your hair by matching your short balayage wavy hair with a cute dress or denim, but also by making the back of your hair wavy in order to prevent your hair from flying.

12. Long Classic Waves

Long Classic Waves

With balayage hair colors, the intended goal is not just natural bright highlights. The important thing in long classic wavy hair is that the colors do not flow and mix. If you pay attention to these suggestions, you can have beautiful balayage hair by capturing the contrast in your long wavy hair.

13. Wavy Ombre Hair

Wavy Ombre Hair

If you have baly-colored and long hair, don’t be afraid to apply ombre to your hair! Sometimes the ombre effect can be more noticeable on long hair than on short hair. But how? Leave your hair as it is and you can just decide what to wear and make your hair attractive with a loose ponytail. This style will take you out of the situation worrying about intricate braids and other details.

14. Cool Blonde Effect

Cool Blonde Effect
INSTAGRAM | official_amber_renae

On this hairstyle, we see that it was created using classic bleach and given a wave effect to the hair. You have natural dark hair and if you can not imagine a look like the model, you can have a fun experience by trying this hair trend.

15. Sexy Caramel Balayage Wavy Hairstyles

Sexy Caramel Balayage Wavy Hairstyles
INSTAGRAM | laura.roxanna

If you want to have bouncy hair like Victoria Secret, you can shine your long hair by waving your hair with sweet caramel color balayage. It is not difficult to get this very natural caramel balayage by mixing it with dark brown and sun yellow.

16. Contrasting Half Balayage Wavy Hair

Contrasting Half Balayage Wavy Hair
INSTAGRAM | lzhouseofhair

Here, we see that mostly vibrant colors and contrasting colors are applied together. With its yellow and beautiful brown tone, you can look more vivid with the partial waves you apply to this hair.

17. Classic Blonde Balayage Hair

Classic Blonde Balayage Hair
INSTAGRAM | lesleygrant

If you have classic blonde hair, you can make your hair look smoother and more natural with balayage. You can use your yellow balayage hair very comfortably in your daily life while on the move.

18. Wavy Balayage Bob Hair on Brown

Wavy Balayage Bob Hair on Brown
INSTAGRAM | courtneybells

We see that this balayage hair that appears on the model has yellow highlights applied on brown. You can easily use this commonly used hairstyle on all hair types. For example, when you combine it with a strapless or wide strap dress on a summer or spring evening, you can get a cute look.

19. Honey Mousse Balayage Hair Colors

Honey Mousse Balayage Hair Colors

If you want sparkles and a cooler style on your natural hair color, you can consider honey mousse balayage hair colors before entering the summer.

20. Blue and Light Red Balayage

Blue and Light Red Balayage
INSTAGRAM | maayanbirnstein

Balayage is done not only with yellow tones but also with red and red colors. Even balayage in blue and light red colors became a trend among girls.

21. Copper Hair Color And Ombre

Copper Hair Color And Ombre
INSTAGRAM | michelemariahds

In general, you can achieve great results with copper tones and ombre. If your hair is straight and you intend to dye copper, you can opt for ombre. You can make your hair great with ombre + wavy hair + copper hair color.

22. Cherry Red Balayage

Cherry Red Balayage
INSTAGRAM | sandrahairdressing

Do you want to change your black hair from top to bottom? Then you can use your choice of cherry red balayage. Offering both a cool and elegant look together, this hair style is very cool!

23. Cinnamon Balayage

Cinnamon Balayage
INSTAGRAM | catecutdye

Cinnamon hair color is a multi-dimensional color with different movements of orange and rust color. You can differentiate the classic copper balayage or ombre.

24. Copper Shades and Balayage

Copper Shades and Balayage
INSTAGRAM | typemax1970

You can add movement to your long hair with different shade experiments. With a darker copper balayage at the bottom of your hair, a more spicy toning to be thrown towards the ends, the transitions also attract attention, and long hair may look different with the play of light.

25. Red Balayage and Perm

Red Balayage and Perm

Applications such as red balayage and perm are the most preferred hair applications for women in hairdressing salons. Regardless of the color of your hair, it is possible to get a much cooler and fresh look with the right balayage applications.

26. Sharp Balayage

Sharp Balayage
INSTAGRAM | oliviabarberstylist

Red balayage can also have sharp transitions like this. The transition from black to red is one of the most beautiful and assertive models of balayage.

27. Natural Looking Balayage

Natural Looking Balayage
INSTAGRAM | balayange

Red balayage doesn’t always have to be prominent and noticeable. Practical and with the colors thrown in a tone close to the hair color, as natural as your own hair, people say “There is a change in you but what?” you can achieve a vague but beautiful change.

28. Red Ombre

Red Ombre
INSTAGRAM | alyssawiener

The red ombre, which we look great on black hair, looks very good on short hairstyles. For those who want to break the sharpness of black with a contrasting color but make a smooth transition, we can recommend the red ombre. As you can see from the examples, it has a strong stance, if you like red tones, you can try it.

29. Color Ombre

Color Ombre
INSTAGRAM | taylorrae_hair

When you say red and yellow, ombre hairstyles become more colorful. We can say that it is possible to have ombre in any desired color such as pink, purple, blue, orange.

30. Caramel Balayage and Ombre

Caramel Balayage and Ombre
INSTAGRAM | thefoxandthesquirrel

Light caramel, dark caramel, copper balayage caramel and honey caramel are some of the most preferred colors in hair salons. You can get a much more eye-catching look with caramel ombre or caramel balayage.

31. Dark Red to Light Red

Dark Red to Light Red
INSTAGRAM | lzhouseofhair

Red balayage will really suit your black hair. But if you prefer dark red and make a light red or even pinkish transition towards the ends of your hair, it would be perfect.

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