The New Secret of Cool Hair: 40 Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles are more trendy than ever, especially in recent years! Many famous names around the world are trying short hairstyles, even with wigs. If you also have short hair or if you want to have your hair cut short, it is possible that you have question marks about what kind of models you will use. The compilation of short hairstyles we have prepared for you will eliminate all your doubts!

Short haircuts can be a big good for many women, but a large audience also loves short hair. Actually, they are right, short hair reveals the facial features of people. It makes your facial features look pretty and dominant. This is not the only beauty of course, the biggest factor in being loved; their effortlessness. With short hair, you say goodbye to problems such as dealing with your hair for hours, drying for a long time after getting out of the bath, and broken ends. Especially in this summer, there is no extreme comfort and no sweating. When I take a shower, I don’t have to worry about my hair as soon as it dries, I can’t leave the house, in short, it has many beautiful aspects and it does not give women a masculine air as it is thought

If you like short hair or if you have decided to change your hair completely with a radical decision, let’s choose your haircut/hairstyle together before going to the hairdresser. You will want to take these photos and show them to your hairdresser.

How cool can you look with short and wavy hair? Here are the short wavy hairstyles that prove that you can look cool with short wavy hair:

Short and Messy Waves

The messy and layered haircut reverses the rules of beauty. If you think with which beauty choices you can complement an ultra-ambitious outfit, you can take inspiration from this model. You can pair the daring outfit that refers to a perfect dress with sexy smokey eye makeup and a free and modern blow-dry that soothes the dominance of this whole outfit.

Short and Messy Waves
INSTAGRAM | karinmuller_

Movable Asymmetrical Cutting

That is, unequal models with different layers and lengths can try round faces, moving folds, and a cut that is shortened to the nape of the neck.

Movable Asymmetrical Cutting
INSTAGRAM | curtosbr

Asymmetric Distinct Waves

This haircut looks pretty cool, right? They appear in magazines, media, and even on the catwalk. The reason is very simple. Because this hair reveals asymmetrical and wave. In addition, it is key for you to look both natural and stylish.

Asymmetric Distinct Waves
INSTAGRAM | vaniacruzoficial

Asymmetric Layered Lob

Asymmetrical layered lob cut hair is the ideal short hairstyle in summer for beauty lovers who are open to innovation.

Asymmetric Layered Lob
INSTAGRAM | privesalon_orlando

Shoulder-length Wavy Lob

The shoulder-length wavy lob hair, which we often see this season, is able to convince even those who are not sure about the length. The hidden layers, which draw attention towards the ends of the bob hair, give the hair dynamism and make it look mobile and volume!

Shoulder-length Wavy Lob
INSTAGRAM | hairbyjessietaylor

Free Short Waves

If you are someone who displays a refined look in street style and does not give up simplicity, free short waves are for you. You can complete your look with loose curls and your beauty with the cool air of the side parting of the hair.

free short waves
INSTAGRAM | michelemariahds

Paradigm-shifting Short Waves

When you look at the image, didn’t you say that it was really paradigm-shifting short waves? The fact that he has a bang for this difference has really added different modernity. Slim face and style look amazing with a chin-length short hairstyle! The length of your face shape is proportional.

Paradigm-shifting Short Waves
INSTAGRAM | michelemariahds

Short Layered Waves

Short layered waves are among the timeless hair styles, you can create a more elegant hair style by adding ombre sparkles to your hair. In addition, women who prefer very short hairstyles can have modern hair styles with higher energy with short layered cut hairstyles.

Short layered waves
INSTAGRAM | lucasbazann

Short Wavy Hair with a Side Part

Short wavy hair with a side part creates great volume on one side of your face and softens the look of long faces. Since your head structure looks more voluminous, the length of your face shape looks more proportional.

Short Wavy Hair with a Side Part
INSTAGRAM | colorbyemily

Curly, Short and Layered Hair

You can easily make many models compatible with every hair type at home in a short time. Curly, short and layered hair can make great blunt hairstyles by straightening their hair or making big waves with a curling iron.

Curly, short and layered hair
INSTAGRAM | braehair

Colored Short Curly Hair

Since colored short curly hair is voluminous and plump, it creates an impressive atmosphere when dyed with hair color suitable for skin color. Of course the right models and colors. The best example of this is the model you see right now!

colored short curly hair
INSTAGRAM | lowlightsandleopard

Short Back-Front Long Wavy Hair

Short back-front long wavy hair with a short back front will show you more cool and voluminous well-groomed hair. This hairstyle allows you to give your hair a practical way. You can shape the hair in different styles without trying too hard.

Short back-front long wavy hair
INSTAGRAM | galvao.dg

Layered Straight Cut Wavy Hair

Layered straight cut wavy hair is among the timeless hairstyles, you can create a more stylish hairstyle by adding ombre sparkles to your hair.

Layered straight cut wavy
INSTAGRAM | anacfalves

Short Wavy Hair with Bangs

If you are a long-faced woman, the most used hairstyles that go well with the long face type are hair models with short wavy hair with bangs and asymmetrical. Short wavy hair with bangs will reveal your face beautifully.

short wavy hair with bangs

The Almost Wavy Pixie

Make your beautiful face more impressive with the almost wavy pixie model, one of the hottest hair trends of the season! Your lifeless hair and sparse thin hair will be enriched with extremely short hair that you separate from the sides!

The Almost Wavy Pixie
INSTAGRAM | krystalclearmakeup

Pixie Exactly!

To have Pixie exactly is a hair really takes courage, right? It doesn’t matter if your hair is extremely weak or healthy. Because in this hairstyle, you can either shave a part of your hair and prevent it from frizz, or you can strengthen your weak hair. Come on, dare!

pixie haircut gray
INSTAGRAM | jejojejo87

Short Wavy Lob Hair

The biggest advantage of short wavy lob hair is that it can suit almost any face type. You can have a perfect look with the right size you choose according to your face shape. Because it is short, you can easily shape the lob cut hair with the help of a straightener, tongs and foam. Since it will dry quickly, you can easily take a shower in the morning hours even in winter. Makes your neck look thinner than you are. What are you waiting for? Come on, run to the hairdresser.

short wavy lob hair
INSTAGRAM | romeufelipe

Sharp Lob

One of the most beautiful features of the sharp lob, which is usually used in a thick wavy way, is that it goes with every face cut.

blonde sharp lob
INSTAGRAM | jobosco

Short Hair Bun Model

When making a short hair bun model, it is necessary to collect the hair from different points. Because if you collect it from one place, for example, from the top, the hair will be very short. As you cannot shape your hair, hair will fall out from right to left.

short hair bun model
INSTAGRAM | nikashirokova

Curly Wavy Hair

As we mentioned before, if your hair is weak and lifeless, you can try curly wavy hair. If you have a pointed chin and sharp face lines, blunt hairstyles will be more suitable for you. The short hair styles will make your face look more beautiful and your facial features. This year, the popularity of gray hair is increasing, and if you do not want to miss this trend, you should visit your hairdresser at the first opportunity.

curly wavy hair
INSTAGRAM | pulpriothair

Medium Long Curly Wavy Model

For oval face shapes, we recommend every chubby model, for angular and chubby-round face shapes, we recommend medium long curly wavy model cut hair that softens the corners of the face lines. This model is perfect for those who do not want too short and who want a slightly long blunt wavy hairstyle.

medium long curly wavy model
INSTAGRAM | romeufelipe

Chin Level Bob Hair

Small faces are the type of face that blunt hair at chin level bob hair will suit best. This model, which is preferred by many celebrities, will look great with my forelock.

chin level bob hair
INSTAGRAM | bescene

Medium Long Medium Hair

Bob cut is another name for this medium long medium hair up to shoulder length. This cut, which you can use in summer and winter, can be preferred by wavy straight or curly hair with peace of mind. You can also decorate this hair with braiding models that fit almost any color.

medium long medium hair
INSTAGRAM | bescene

How Do You Know Whether Bob Hair Will Look Good On You?

You can understand whether the lump hair will suit you by looking at your face shape.

Hair for Heart Faces

Hair for heart faces, it can remove straight hair and all kinds of stubby models. Shortness or length does not matter; You can try bob or lob models. If your choice on the fringe, we recommend that you make it according to the width of your forehead. If you have a narrow forehead, giving up the bangs makes your face look more spacious.

Hair for heart faces
INSTAGRAM | michelemariahds

Straight Hair for Angular Faces

Straight hair for angular faces, it may be better to use a blunt hairstyle without bangs and long. A lobe that goes straight at the shoulder can compensate. On the other hand, if your face is angular, you can play symmetry games like Victoria Beckham; You can also use long front and short back.

Straight hair for angular faces
INSTAGRAM | jhair_stylist

Medium Hair for Round Faces

Medium hair for round faces and is at ear level or longer. If you wish, baby bangs can accompany your blunt model. The fringes touching your eyebrow are more likely to make your face look flat.

Medium hair for round faces
INSTAGRAM | chrisjones_hair

Curved Short Bob

Curved short bob cuts are a great choice to give a little more volume / volume to the hair. Normal Bob may not seem ‘short’ to you, maybe you want to follow the hairdresser’s way for a shorter hair style. If your hair is thin and small, it probably looks like it has no volume and its appearance is always wet, and the hair is stuck to your head. The solution may be slightly beveled cuts. In addition, its use is so effortless that you do not even need to shape the back of your hair, it is enough to give a little volume with your hand. It’s a beautiful cut that will add some style to you.

Curved short bob
INSTAGRAM | juliana.key

A-Line Bob

The A-line bob slanted cut gives the hair a very nice volume. If you want to take a break from straight cuts and add volume to your hair while looking at the front, you actually want to be ‘long-haired’, this asymmetrical cut may please you.

A-line bob
INSTAGRAM | giovanipozzagamba

Romantic Bob Waves

Make sure you make a big visual impact for the romantic bob waves. Also, the length does not have to change much in this model. If your star does not make peace with the pattern models, but you want short and wide waves in bob, you will love this model because you will have a romantic mood.

romantic bob waves
INSTAGRAM | braehair

Side Parting Bob

One of the very easy-to-use wash-and-go hairstyles is a side parting bob. The separation from the side gives a slight ‘tried’ air. If your face is round and this bothers you, you can also use the middle part instead of the side parting. Since it will slightly hide the sides of your face, it slightly obscures the round image.

side parting bob
INSTAGRAM | anacfalves

Long Bob Model

If you like young and dynamic hairstyles, you will love the long bob too! If you are wondering who will suit long bob model haircuts among the hairstyles that cross the shoulder line, we have good news for you! The long bob model actually suits every face shape, you just need to know the cut that suits you and style this cut in the right style.

long bob model
INSTAGRAM | aheadhairmedia

Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Asymmetrical bob hair hairstyles also include asymmetrical bob hair. Short asymmetrical hair style is in harmony with wavy hair. Even thin curls can be created, although it has a different appeal. If your hair is too voluminous and too straight, you can adopt a layered asymmetrical short hairstyle.

Asymmetrical bob hair
INSTAGRAM | denlodgeen_hair

Asymmetrical Half Bob Hair

Asymmetrical short hairstyles include asymmetrical half bob hair. Why is that? The asymmetrical short hairstyle is very close to the semi-bob style. This hairstyle, which looks very feminine, also fits perfectly with curly hair.

asymmetrical half bob hair
INSTAGRAM | prettypinked

Do You Know How to Choose Bob Hairstyles According to Hair Type?

Bob for Thick Hair

Every variation of the bob haircut is ideal as bob for thick hair. The weight of thick hair, whether layered or straight, puts the bob in line. As a matter of fact, in very short bobs, your hair can look fluffy than it should be. If you have a thick hair type, we recommend that you pay attention to the length of your bob cut.

bob for thick hair
INSTAGRAM | jobosco

Bob for Fine and Thin Hair

You know how thin hair tends to get static! To get out of this situation, you can go for a layered bob cut. You can also combine a bob cut with bangs now that the weather is cooler. It is much easier as bob for fine and thin hair to deal with bangs. You can choose shampoo suitable for your hair type to restrain your fine hair.

bob for fine and thin hair
INSTAGRAM | american_salon

Bob for Wavy Hair

If your hair is wavy, you can enjoy the freedom of a bob for wavy hair. Your natural waves will help the bob cut stand out even more. However, if they do not have sufficient texture, wavy hair strands are likely to lose control in the windy weather of autumn. To give your wavy hair the texture it needs, squeeze the spray into your hair and rub it with your fingers. Do justice to your bob haircut like this!

bob for wavy hair
INSTAGRAM | glamour_villaputzu

Slick Side

Yes, you heard it wrong, slick side model! The slick back is scanned sideways in this model while it is scanned backward. If you want, you can scrape a part of the hair in this way or comb it to the side. Don’t the waves add femininity to the masculine look?

slick side model
INSTAGRAM | frizerskisalontanay

Short and Pastel Ombre Waves

If you want to add a little more color to your style, apart from the classic ombre application, let’s remind you that you have more crazy color alternatives and there are short and pastel ombre waves option. Pastel ombre color application will be a great hair alternative for you to welcome spring colorfully. Of course to those who are brave to take a little risk.

short and pastel ombre waves
INSTAGRAM | lucasbazann


Shaggy cut hair looks extremely beautiful and is extremely popular nowadays. Another nice part of this cut is that it gives movement to the hair, you do not need to style your hair extra after the bath, the excess layers give your hair a wave even if you do not want it. It also makes hair look quite voluminous. Again, it is a nice alternative for thin hair.

Shaggy hairstyles
INSTAGRAM | giovanipozzagamba

Short Curly Hair

For the ladies who say that it should not be so effortless, I like to deal with my hair a little; short curly hair! There are many people who think that tongs do not look good in short hair, but they are wrong to make models like tongs with short hair, but it is definitely worth the effort.

short curly hair
INSTAGRAM | ivan_ivanov_igorevich

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