Stunning Long Hairstyles for This Summer – 2021

It must be quite difficult to decide how to style your long hair in the summer. Generally, many people have to prefer short hair in summer because their hair disturbs them. However, long hair can always be a good idea to have a stylish enough and feminine style. We will be sharing very trendy -and of course, impressive options with you today. Do not forget that you can use this article to get inspired and create your hairstyle just by showing the pictures listed above to your hairdresser! If you’re ready, let’s check out the stunning long hairstyles!

Long blonde ombre hairstyle
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A Feminine Style with Wavy Hair – Show Your Stylish Spirit

Did you know that wave hair has become more popular than ever? Yes, you heard it absolutely right! Hairstyles that you can easily make with hair curlers or looks that you can make with old-style rollers without wearing your hair can make you look extremely stylish. It is always possible to be elegant and lively with these new-generation styles!

  1. Ombre and balayage can look extremely cool in wavy hairstyles because the highlights seen between the curves allow the hair to appear fuller. Full hair, of course, means a much cooler, healthy, and well-groomed look, as you can imagine.
  2. Long hairstyles can look extremely stylish on special occasions in summer, weddings, or graduation ceremonies. The main thing that sets these types of looks apart from others is that they can look perfect with a messy look. If you style your hair with a slightly wet appearance, we are sure that you will really suit the summer months.
  3. Enjoy the fragrance style! Are you ready to get a cooler and striking look by doing an ombre in orange or red tones with your hair? All you have to do is go to the nearest hairdresser and show one of the images we have listed for you below!
Long copper ombre hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | nat_doeshair
Ombre Blonde Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | gm.hair.architect
INSTAGRAM | hairby.brittany

Curly Hair Style with Brown and Blonde Colors – Stunning Long Hairstyles

Try curly hair looks to keep the vibrant colors in your hair! Curly models, which are popular again recently, can look extremely stylish on hair that is divided asymmetrically. -Hey, dividing your hair asymmetrically may give you a bit of a rebellious and crazy aura while also increasing your elegance.

A few tips about stunning long hairstyles: 

  1. If you want stunning long hairstyles you have made to be permanent throughout the day, keep styling with various hair sprays or mousse. In this way, your hair will look much more voluminous.
  2. Before you interact with hair styling products that give heat, you should remember to use a heat protectant spray.
  3. Ombre models with a gray-yellow combination for curly hair are also trendy. You should definitely have a look!
  4. By using yellow highlights on the outer parts of your hair, you can leave the inner parts dark. This will give you an extremely cool and ethnic style. Never be afraid to be different and reveal your originality.
Curly Ombre Hairstyles
INSTAGRAM | polinazhdanovaa

Sided Bangs with Long Stunning Hairstyles – Princess Look

When you take a look at the 2021 hairstyle trends, you will immediately notice that especially-sided bangs are popular again. Creating an additional texture from the front of the hair to the beginning of the ear or eyebrow area creates the appearance that we call ‘’bangs’’. This often gives women a true princess aura: Noble, feminine, and always cool.

Long Blonde Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | shereeknobel_bixiecolour

We have put together hairstyle options with bangs for you. It can be a little difficult to style bangs and take care of their chicness regularly every day. But let’s give you a small tip: We are sure that you will get good results if you slightly lift the front parts of your hair using a hairdryer or hair straightener.

Long brwon hairstyle
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Make Your Hair Stunning With Sophisticated Colors!

While examining the pixie haircuts for women alternatives, especially the colorful hairstyles should have caught your attention. Unlike in the past, you can now choose standard colors such as brown, black or blonde and many pastel tones for dying your hair. Moreover, the color transitions you will get with models such as ombre or highlights will give you a wonderful look.

Long Straight Platin Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | julia.vorontsova.blond.expert
  1. Especially among young people, combining gray with black is a real trend.
  2. Combining blonde hair with pastel pink details creates a sophisticated look.
  3. Feel free to use the pink color on your hair all over.
  4. Get a much cooler and more impressive look by using platinum blonde. Especially as you can see in the photo below, avant-garde platinum blonde suits hairstyles with extra assertive looks!
Long Straight Blonde Hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | elisaveil
Long hairstyle blonde wavy hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | martafeschuk
Long pink hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | buggieefresh
Long pastel wavy ombre hairstyle
INSTAGRAM | bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

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