18 Simple and Stylish Buns Models that Save the Day

long pink orange thick hairstyle

Don’t overdo it to look comfortable.

Now, instead of the classic top buns, new and modern hair stylish buns attract great attention from young ladies. The knob models that you can use in special events, weddings, graduation nights, and engagements attract attention with their naturalness. Instead of exaggerated hairstyles, the hairstyle made from the sides and gathered at the neck will make you look natural and comfortable.

red bun hairstyles
long bun bridal hairstyle
long straight bun hairstyle

If you have a hair design in mind for special nights, I think it will change completely after seeing these buns. Whether your outfit is long or short, you can fit any of the bun models to yourself.

stylish blonde bun hairstyle
blonde bun hairstyle
braid bridal bun hairstyle
blonde bun hairstyle

Instead of going to the hairdresser and spending hours to catch up with special moments, you can learn and apply the knob model that you can even make yourself at home after a few practices. Or you can ask a good friend to this job. If you want a natural hairstyle, you should definitely choose one of the messy bun models. It should not be called stylish buns, some buns look better than hairstyles that have been worked on for hours. Those who will use eye-catching knob models should pay attention to small details. The biggest reason the bun looks cool is thatyy it’s bohemian. The built and cool knob models make women feel confident. Women prefer bun hairstyles in terms of keeping up with every environment.

blonde bun hairstyle
pink bun messy hairstyle

Choose high stylish buns styles that suit you.

A high bun is recommended for those who want the length to be seen longer. In a time when eye makeup is intense, the high bun completes the style. The half-bun, where only the top of the hair is gathered, looks very cool. The choice of those who want to have a noble and elegant look is in favor of the French bun.

long braid bun hairstyle

The braided bun, which looks very difficult from the outside but is extremely simple to make, is quite eye-catching. Since attention is drawn to the face with the top models, make-up must be done.

elegant blonde bun hairstyle

Every woman can find a bun model that will fit her face type. Scattered knob models are extremely suitable for glamorous invitations. Women with a small chin should prefer the bun model that is pressed tightly from the top and gathered at the neck.

blonde bun hairstyle
bridal bun hairstyle
bridal caramel bun hairstyle
pink bun hairstyle
brown bun hairstyle
curly bun hairstyle

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