25+ Hair Color Suggestions for White Skin

If you are white skin and cannot decide on your hair color, heed our suggestions. No matter how our natural hair color suits us, we want to make changes from time to time and see the colors we like in our own hair. However, we may not be able to carry every hair color as well as we imagine. When changing our hair color, the first question we should ask ourselves is: Does this hair color suit my skin?

Not all skin colors are compatible with all hair colors. For example, red and brown tones for wheat skins, dark brown and black, copper hair colors for brunettes. In addition, if you take into account your skin-hair color harmony while doing your make-up, you can achieve a balanced and natural look.

So what are the hair colors that suit white skin?

White-skinned people are lucky because every hair color goes well with white skin. It is enough to complete some assertive colors with make-up, shape, or comb the hair according to the hair type.

Shades of yellow

Yellow is an assertive hair color and creates an absolutely natural look with white skin. We recommend you to use brown and green tones if your eyes are brown, black if green, and blue-green if they are blue.

curly blonde hairstyle
credit valonzhaircutters
short blonde choppy hairstyle
credit richykanda
chic long blonde hairstyle
credit martafeschuk
mushroom cut blonde hairstyle
medium lenght blonde hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
medium blonde hairstyle
credit sankuafor
blonde wavy hairstyle
credit garageizmir
medium blonde thin hairstyle
credit garageizmir
blonde thin hairstyle
credit garageizmir
long blonde thin hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain

Brown tones

It gives a different appeal to white skins as dark brown or chestnut tones create contrast. Our suggestion is to use a dark lipstick close to this hair color. Light lipsticks spoil the natural contrast.

messy brown hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
long brown hairstyle
credit garageizmir
brown wavy hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
wavy long hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
medium lenght black hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain


The more attention the blonde hair gets, the more noticeable the black hair of a white-skinned woman. If your hair is long, occasionally use straight, sometimes slightly wavy. Make-up with dark lipstick and eyeshadow will be complementary. In fact, you better keep your red lipstick with you!

long black hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
long straight wavy hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain

Red and copper tones

Make-up in soft peach tones is suitable for light hair, and more pronounced peach tones for dark red and copper tones.

red braid bridal hairstyle
credit ojoaquim
red straight hairstyle
credit toridar_hair
medium lenght red pink hairstyle
credit ressamhairstudio
medium lenght red hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain

Auburn hues

You can choose auburn tones for a soft statement. Auburn shades brighten the skin, make sure that you will draw attention with your innocent expression when you complete it with pastel or nude makeup.

long wavy hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
medium lenght ombre hairstyle
credit cihankabakci
long wavy hairstyle
credit sankuafor
caramel wavy hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
curly brown hairstyle
credit darlingsalon
long ombre hairstyle
credit cutcolor_gurkanduman
long wavy hairstyle
credit ahmetcobain
medium ombre hairstyle
credit garageizmir

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